Saturday, June 27, 2015

Moillard Domaine du Château d’Eau 2014 Cinsault Rosé

Moillard Domaine du Château d’Eau 2014 Cinsault Rosé, $13.99-$15.99, 90 points, was a lovely peach pink with copper-red flashes.
The aromas of peach, Macintosh apple, and orchard blossoms were fabulous.
This light, crisp, dry, refreshing, and fairly acidic Cinsault Rosé wine was pure delight; flavors reflective of the aromas and with a sense of minerality were delicate and lively, and the moderately smooth texture made for well of easy-drinking and satiation.
The finish was long on peach and strawberry fruit with just a hint of the 12.5% alcohol.


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  1. Replies
    1. VG: I'm loving them more and more! Upon opening this was very fresh and lively, but the second day all that faded rapidly! So, open and drink! Cheers!