Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Best of 2013 Cali Sauvignon Blanc (62) Tasted

Having finally finished my tasting of sixty two 2013 California Sauvignon Blanc white wines,
I can put the final touch of my opinion of them here.
Since I can't do this every year, I thought it appropriate in summation to flaunt my number one pick in quality and price.
Keep in mind that this was no easy choice, and the link below lists many contenders to the 2013 Throne, and that all sixty one, save for three were bought in New Hampshire



* I did score one SB a + higher, but since it was in a setting I was uncomfortable in giving a more accurate judgment, I left it effectively out. 


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  1. I went back and read your review. This wine sounds lovely. Winder if their 2014 is out yet?

    1. Yeah, I know! :)
      I can now say that I have my favorite SB wines and will buy accordingly; 2014 Merriam is on my list!