Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Italian Wines (Where's the Love?)

Italian wines
 are among the best wines in the world,
 but where's the love from New Hampshire wine drinkers?
I did a wine review of a Mexican Chardonnay,
 and within days that post received a thousand hits,
 but I did two glowing Italian wine reviews this week,
 and only three people are interested!
I don't get!
If anyone would like to speculate as to the lack of interest in Italian wines I'd be very interested.



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  1. Dennis -

    What's more odd to me about that, is the interest in Mexican wines. Hardly a country with a track record for wine at all, let alone making wine that may be palatable. I think the interest in many Italian wines (especially premium labels) is centered around the major cities where you find large Italian American populations. So, NY/NJ/CT, Chicago, and the major cities in CA, Dallas, Orlando, and Miami. I've seen wonderful wine lists there featuring many Italian wines. You know my stand on Italian wine. You simply can't find better bottles to pair with food. Not French and certainly not California. Italian wines are the most versatile there are. There's a wine for every dish. Keep doing your thing. I dig it.

  2. I don't know...poor marketing, too old world, not trendy enough (Mexican wines are fairly trendy right now).
    Where did Blogger say your hits/traffic were coming from?

    1. VG: Leave to you to ask such an interesting ?! :)
      Mostly US with others being Russia, Norway, Germany, Sweden, Ukraine, and Canada. Not a one from Mexico!