Sunday, November 19, 2017

Grab And Go Wine

Grab And Go Wine

So, Thanksgiving is right around the corner and either you are hosting family and friends, or being hosted, and wine is on your mind; needing to brave the crowds coerces the cower reflex. So, it's grab and go time at the local mega-mart, grocery store, or boutique.
Just in 'case' you're in need of a visual tipple-log, I've endeavored to give y'all a photo-gallery of those local purveyors; if it saves you time, fine, and if it's a waste of your time, just think, it's on my dime.

Harvest Market (Bedford)

Harvest Market is a cool stop, and that's not necessarily because they sell Yeti coolers, but because their assortment of wines include some unusual varietals and producers.
I did grab and go here!

Fresh Market (Bedford)

The obligatory observance of oenological Apothic wines not only greets you here, but does so in style.
There is a fair variety of vintner's varietals, and many are laid down in a lovely display with wine reviews to boot.


Has an excellent selection of wines, prepared foods, and unusual gifts.


Whole Foods (Bedford)
This photo provides plenteous proof of why I shop here.
Hannaford's Supermarkets
In New Hampshire, Hannaford's is 'wall-to-wall',
 but when I have a choice among them, it's Hannaford's of Bedford (see below).
Market Basket Supermarkets
The mega-mart (no matter which one) I only love before eight in the morning has a parochial choice of wines.
Needs no comment!

Shaw's Supermarket Reset

Generic Gas Station
In Windham, not far from Klemms is Lucias bodega!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Don't Drink and Drive!

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