Sunday, June 24, 2018

Bonterra Mendocino County Organic 2014 Merlot

Bonterra Mendocino County Organic 2014 Merlot, $15.29-$16.99, 87 points, poured a medium ruby red grading to a bright red penumbra, broad clear wine ring, and densely laden glass wall.
Aromas of black licorice, cedar, red raspberry, blueberry and an earthy plum note were rich.
Full-bodied with medium acidity and a dense underlayment of tannin supported flavors reflective of the aromas and nuanced with a floral note and cocoa.
Finished dry and long on the trailing palate, white pepper, and a substantial 14.4% alcohol.
I bought this Merlot at the Whole Foods of Bedford.


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  1. Sounds nice...did you buy more than one bottle? I see at least two corks...
    Really nice composition, BTW.

    1. A solid Merlot.
      Only one bottle, but I've had several Bonterra wines, and I keep my corks, unless someone needs a few.