Thursday, June 14, 2018

Groth Napa Valley 2017 Sauvignon Blanc

A-tisket a-tasket
A grey and yellow-bottled filled basket
I wrote a post to friends
I went to save and lost it,
I lost it, I lost it,
I went to save and I lost it.
A little girl found it
And buffered the docket!
A-titter a-titter a-flasket!

Groth Napa Valley 2017 Sauvignon Blanc, $20.39-$26.99, 90 points, poured a light gold color grading water clear toward the glass shallows.
Aromas of gooseberry, fresh-cut hay, lemon grass, and a hint of passion fruit were more reminiscent of New Zealand SBs than the more tropical fruity Californians.
The 2017 Groth SB was light, crisp, intensely acidic, and quite edgy as the flavors followed the nose with a bit of ginger-ale tantalizing the late palate in expectation of a Groth SB conclusion.
Finished fair on the trailing palate and a well-balanced 13.8% alcohol.

Varietals were 81% Sauvignon Blanc and 19% Sémillon.
Paired fine with our chicken salad.

Groth Vineyards, why it's a "go to" winery.

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  1. The winery looks like a giant taco bell...just sayin!

  2. More tropical than the 2016...just sayin!

    1. VG: thanks for the 19% Sémillon correction! 2015 was my fave!