Thursday, June 28, 2018

Rosé Wines, The Big Domestic Push (2017 Vintage)

Rosé Wines, The Big Domestic Push (2017 Vintage)

The 2017 vintage of domestic Rosé wines really piggybacks on last year's Rosé Wines, The Big Domestic Push, because I've just been too busy with Domestic Cabernet Sauvignon and Italian wines, but I'm going to try and rectify my lack of attention to America's summertime delight.
I am blushing at the fact I've only had three domestic Rosé wines this year, and if that causes you to see red, just ask yourself: "How many domestic Rosé wines have I had?"
My favorite from last year's offerings (vintage 2016) was:
Dazzle Cellars The Benches Vineyard At-Wallula, Julia's Dazzle Rosé (Horse Heaven Hills, WA)
And my favorite Rosé from vintage 2015 was:
Merriam Vineyards Russian River Valley 2015 Pinot Noir Rosé


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