Friday, November 22, 2013

Barbaresco, Barolo, and the Enigma of the Nebbiolo Grape Produced in Piedmont Italy

Barolo wines, just maybe the best known Nebbiolo product, are not real common on the shelves of New Hampshire wine boutiques. That won't stop me from tasting the few I can find and or afford!
The rather long article by Lettie Teague is an historic eye-opener, a massive commitment, but to me it's really the cost, age, and the availability of these mysterious "denizens of the deep" red wines that keeps them off the tables of the NH Hoi Polloi.
Another, more approachable web-site that covers specific Barolo wines which have been tasted, not to mention all things Italy, is Tuscan Vines; just type "Barolo" in the search box.



Ca' Rome Romano Marengo DOCG 2007 Barbaresco, $65.44-$76.99, 92+ points

Ca' Rome Romano Marengo Maria di Brun DOCG 2008 Barbaresco, $59.39-$83.99, 92+ points

Ceretto 2011 Barbaresco D.O.C.G., $29.49-$49.99, 93 points

Cigliuti 2007 Serraboella Barbaresco, $61.19-$79.99, 94 points

Michele Chiarlo Anniversario 2009 Barbaresco, $27.99-$42.99, 92 points

Piazzo 2009 Barbaresco (DOCG), $26.99-$32.99, 93 points

Piazzo 2013 Barbaresco (DOCG), $26.99-$32.99, 92 points

Produttori del 2012 Barbaresco DOCG (Piedmont, Italy), $25.49-$32.99, 92+ points

Produttori del 2013 Barbaresco DOCG (Piedmont, Italy), $25.49-$32.99, 92 points

Prunotto 2012 Barbaresco DOCG (Piedmont, Italy), $35.69-$43.99, 91+ points

Reversanti 2011 Barbaresco (DOCG), $16.99-$28.99, 89 points


Beni di Batasiolo 2008 Barolo DOCG, Piedmont, Italy, 90 points (avg.$32)

Bersano 'Nirvasco' 2011 Barolo (DOCG), $21.24-$49.99, 91 points

Cantina Terre del 2008 Barolo Riserva (DOCG), $27.19-$33.99, 89 points

Casa E. Di Mirafiore 2011 Barolo (DOCG), $30.59-$42.99, points, 92 points

Conterno Fantino 2007 Barolo Sorì Ginestra, $75.64-$88.99, 94 points

Damilano Lecinquevigne 2013 Barolo (DOCG), $31.44-$38.99, 93 points

Elvio Cogno "Ravera" 2011 Barolo (DOCG), $59.49-$69.99, 94 points

Enzo Boglietti Boiolo 2012 Barolo (DOCG), $41.64-$75.99, 94 points

Fontanafredda Serralunga d'Alba DOCG 2008 Barolo (Italy), $14.99-$25.99 (500ml), 92 points

Giovanni Sordo 2012 Barolo (DOCG), $42.49-$49.99, 94 points

Guasti Clemente 1990 Barolo Riserva, $55.24-$89.99, 91 points

Marcarini, Brunate, Italy 2011 Barolo (DOCG), $50.99-$59.99, 92 points

Marchesi di Barolo 2010 'Barolo' (DOCG), $25.49-$42.99, 90 points

Marziano Abbona Terlo Ravera 2009 Barolo DOCG, $45.04-$52.99, 93+ points

Michele Chiarlo Anniversario 2008 Barolo, $29.99-$46.99, 92 points

Michele Chiarlo Cerequio 2007 Barolo, $67.99-$94.99, 93 points

Sandrone Le Vigne 2004 Barolo, $84.99-$139.99, 94 points

Seghesio "La villa" 2012 Barolo (DOCG), $39.94-$46.99, 93 points

Just plain Nebbiolo, but don't tell her that!

Anzivino Emanuele Gattinara D.O.C.G. 2006 Nebbiolo Red Wine $16.06-$20.99, 89+ points

La Spinetta Langhe 2008 Nebbiolo, $28.89-$33.99, 90+ points

Marcarini Langhe 2014 Nebbiolo, D.O.C. (Italy), $16.14-$18.99, 90 points

Renato Ratti 'Ochetti' Langhe 2014 Nebbiolo, $19.54-$27.99, 89 points

Vierti Giovanni Langhe 2010 Nebbiolo, $16,99-$21.99, 87 points


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  1. Thanks for the shout out Dennis. 2008s are definitely the way to go if you want an approachable Barolo and even then, I'd say relatively speaking. I like them old. I'm still cellaring 1996's, 1998's, 1999's. They take some getting used to, that's for sure, but they are unique and that's what makes them special and intriguing. Sandrone along with Scavino are simply some of my favorites.

  2. John, I have as yet to see a 2008 Barolo, but Sunday I'll be making a trip to the new NHLS; I'll let you know!
    John, I can't think of a single person I know that is as prodigious and hard working as you are, thx for taking the time to comment.


    another fine Italian wine!! Also available in New Hampshire!! Nice to meet you today!!

    1. Anon: I went to the link you provided, and Snooth provided info on the 2001 vintage, and that's a great thing, but I haven't seen that one available in NH. though I have seen more recent vintages. However it would interest me if you would provide some details!