Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Riesling (Australia)


Riesling White Wine has so many profiles that I'll bore you if I try to go into detail (the mature wine taster will already know), or I'll leave out some things important to the topic, but let it be said that a good Riesling is as fine (NOBLE) a white wine as you'll ever taste, but a bad or not so bad Riesling can be a bottle of wine you'll taste and pour-down the drain.
If you live in New Hampshire, and are a "Newbie" wine taster, my complete list of Riesling wines (almost all wines bought in NH) can be found in the Index of reviewed wines, but I've decided to break that list down to aid access by Smart-phone users into Countries, because Riesling is so distinctive to the region it is grown. It is common to hear someone say I only drink German Riesling, etcetera. Now mind you, an experienced wine taster would likely say that about terroir in all wines, but I tend to think that it is truer of Riesling than any other varietal I've tasted.

Australian Riesling is a white wine rather rare to New Hampshire wine stores, though as you can see, I have found some and rejected buying others, because frankly and for the most part I haven't enjoyed them. Keep in mind that in Australia, Riesling is enormous, and to paint it with a broad brush is folly, but when buying wine, one has to make choices, and as it is with me so I leave those choices with you.

Annie's-lane-clare-valley-2006-riesling $13.59, 70 points
Chateau Tanunda Grand Barossa 2009 Riesling,$10.80-$15.00, 88 points 
Rocky Gully Frankland River 2014 Riesling (Western Australia), $10.15-$24.99, 84 points
St Hallett Eden Valley Barossa 2009 Riesling, $9.99-$19.99, 82 points


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