Monday, April 2, 2018

Meinklang Burgenland 2015 White Wine (Austria)

Meinklang Burgenland 2015 White Wine (Austria), $13.59-$15.99, 86 points, was a glossy gold color fading toward the glass shallows.
The dominant aroma of hay was nuanced with honeysuckle, mint, green melon, and green grapes.
Light-bodied (off-dry) with medium-plus acidity carried rather weak flavors mirroring the aromas, but what was there was tasty and without fault.
Finished fair on lemon/lime, a hint of grapefruit, and a well-balanced 10.5% alcohol.
Varietals were 50% Grüner Veltliner, 40% Welschriesling, and 10% Muskat.
Paired fine with my Snow crab salad and fried oysters.
I bought this white wine at the Whole Foods of Bedford.


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  1. Could you taste, or smell, the Muscat component?

    1. VG: Yes, if you would include lemon and green grapes!